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The Winnipeg Seligmans 


Left: Samuel Seligman's obituary from the 

Winnipeg Jewish Post, February 19, 1953



Opposite, top: Marriage record for Samuel Seligman and Bessie Greenberg in Winnipeg on December 18, 1909.



 Opposite, bottom: Bessie and Samuel Seligman in the 1930s.



amuel Sanders Seligman (1887-1953), a great-grandson of Yankel, was orphaned at the age of nine and went to live with an aunt. He made the trek from Shchedrin to Winnipeg, Canada, where he went into the wholesale fish business.

He met his wife-to-be, Bessie Greenberg, in Winnipeg. As luck would have it, she was also a Shchedrinner. Her family knew the Seligmans from the old country, although Sam hadn't ever met Bessie. They married in 1909, and in 1945 moved to Vancouver.

Sam's son Robert recalls his father speaking very little to his children about Russia. He did mention he had had a brother there who was was married with a family. Life was difficult for them, and Sam sent money once or twice a year. 

Sam and Bessie had five children, all in Winnipeg. Some went into the fish business. His first cousin Rose was one of  Feibish Seligman's children.