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The Pittsburgh Zeligmans


Simon Zeligman landed in Philadelphia in 1901 on his way to Pittsburgh. His wife, Shana Miriam, sailed to Baltimore four years later. Simon was listed on the ship 's manifest as a locksmith, but after his arrival found work as a plumber, and eventually as a tinsmith.


illel Seligman (1839-?), a great-grandson of Yankel, never left Byelorussia. But the four children he had with his wife, Pesha Isakov (1839-?), all made their way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which was something of a haven for people from Shchedrin.For many years, Pittsburgh had a Shchedrinner society that got together for annual reunions. As far as Hillel's children are concerned:


Simon (ca. 1868-1941) married Shana Miriam Plotkin (1866-1935) in Shchedrin. She bore him six children before he emigrated in 1901, and a seventh after the family joined him in 1905.

Ida (ca. 1875-?) married Jacob Weiss in Russia and had one daughter who emigrated to Pittsburgh in 1913.

Julia (ca. 1879-1959), or Zlata, married Louis (Leiser) Kitman in Russia; the first two of their five children were born there.

Helen, (1884-1975), the youngest, married Jacob Rosenbaum and had three children, all in Pennsylvania.