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Seligman Offshoots II

Pages of testimony submitted to the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem for members of the family of Herschel and Malka Zelikman.




Herschel Zelikman (1872-1942), son of Berl, perished in WWII with wife Malka and children Yossel, Bat Sheva, Chasha and Ester.

Shmirl (Shmiryahu) Zeligman (1872-1942) was born in Shchedrin and died there in the Holocaust with his wife Chaia Sara (1872-1942). A son, Busia, survived.


Yad Vashem has a record of an Efraim Zeligman (1870-1942) of Bobruisk, son of Mendel. He died in Odessa during WWII.

Leiba Seligman (1879-1942) of Shchedrin and wife Fruma (1881-1942) died in the Holocaust, but some of their nine children survived. Gershon moved to Estonia and others went to New York, Dnepropetrovsk and Mariupol, Ukraine.

Yevgeniy Seligman (1916-) recalled eight Seligman families in Shchedrin before WWII, headed by Kiva Leiser, Yuda Leiser, Mendel Feibish, Shmerl Sandor, Amir, Avram Aisner, Arie Kavalier and Oreh. Only the first four are accounted for on this site.