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Seligman Offshoots I


Chaya Liebe Seligman (1897-1967), center, daughter of Elia Seligman, left Bobruisk in 1910 and became Ida in New York. She married Max Grubstein, left, in 1917. In 1923, her brother Moishe, seen at right, came to the U.S., but he died of tuberculosis.



All the Seligmans from Bobruisk, Shchedrin and Parichi are probably related, but available archival sources can't establish all the relationships. Twigs and branches that can't yet be linked are listed on this and the next page.

David Zelikman of Bobruisk had nine children.The oldest was Avram-Chaim (1902-?). Others were Moishe, Riva, Masha and Itka. All of Avram-Chaim's five children survived World War II.

Three children of Zimel Zelikman, Saveli (Chaim-Shevl, 1855-1952), Leiser (?-?) and Sima (1887-1962) survived World War II in Bobruisk. Two others, Abraham and Gershe, left for the U.S.

Monus Seligman (ca. 1870-?) of Bobruisk had several siblings, three daughters (Feiga, Rosa and Sonia) and five sons (Osher, Herschel, Uda, Berl and Moishe) with wife Lyubov. He died in WWII while being evacuated to Siberia.

A page of testimony at Yad Vashem reports the death of Moresha Zeligman Gorelick (1900-1942), daughter of Moshe and Rosa Zeligman of Shchedrin.