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Nathan Seligman 

(1880 - 1954)



This 1929 photo, taken at the Wayside Inn Boys' School in Sudbury, Masschusetts, shows Nathan's sons Louis and Herman, daughter Esther and son Edward. Nathan is at the far right, holding the "boater."


f there is a gnarl in the Seligman family tree, it's at Nathan Seligman. He married three times, twice to sisters with children by previous marriages, and sired seven children (including two sets of twins, one fraternal, one identical).

Like his brother Abe, Nathan left Russia in about 1904, stopping off in England for a few months where he worked in a
matzoh factory. After arriving in the U.S., he lived in New York. In 1907, he was joined by his daughter Esther, wife Fannie and her daughter Anne. Fannie quickly bore four boys, and the family then went to Massachusetts, where Nathan's cousins worked as shoe manufacturers.

Fannie died in 1911. Shortly after, Nathan married her sister Gussie, who bore him two sons but died herself in 1916. He moved to Newark, but soon returned to Boston. He was forced by circumstances to place sons Jacob and Harry in foster homes for a time and the two youngest boys at the Wayside Inn Boys' School, started by Henry Ford. He died in 1954, leaving seven children and 12 grandchildren.