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The Nashville Seligmans 



Naomi Seligman Caplan (1867-?), eldest daughter of Srol Seligman and Ethel Rappaport, had nine children in Russia before emigrating to Nashville in 1910.


Opposite: The gravestone of Kopel Seligman, one of Srol and Ethel's sons, in Nashville.


 gaggle of Seligmans wound up in Nashville, Tennessee, all descendants of Yankel through his grandson Zalman Leibe (1815-ca. 1849). Three of Zalman's children had very big families. Most of Srol's (1843-?) went to Nashville. Herschel's (1846-?) settled largely in Philadelphia, though two joined their cousins in the south. And most of Monus' (1849-?) children stayed in New York.


Srol, with his wife Ethel Rappaport of Shchedrin, had as many as 11 children, most of whom moved to Nashville. Their children gave them 36 grandchildren in all.

Herschel and his wife Fannie Tullman (ca. 1851-?) followed their eldest son Isadore to Philadelphia. Most of his children stayed in Philadelphia, but two went to Nashville and one went to Baltimore. Isadore was the progenitor of the Saligman family.

Monus married Tema Okun in Shchedrin. All of their eight children emigrated to New York. Tema herself came to the U.S. after she was widowed, and lived in New York.