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Monus Seligman's Family



Monus Seligman, center, and wife Tema Okun Seligman (center right), flanked by five children - from left, Leah, Samuel ("Zus"), Solomon, Sonia and Minnie. The photo must have been taken in Shchedrin before 1908, when several of those pictured emigrated to America. Monus himself never made the journey.


Opposite: The Seligman, Okun and Rudin clans assembled for a photo in New York in 1940.


 onus Seligman (1849-?), son of Zalman Leibe (1815-ca 1849) and Sosia Davidov Seligman (?-?), married Tema Okun, a daughter of a leading Shchedrin family, in about 1869. They had as many as seven children.

Monus had likely died by 1908, when Tema and daughters Sonia, Rose and Leah sailed to the U.S.,  settling in New York. A son Nuchim, about whom nothing further is known, was apparently also on board. Leah married her first cousin William Okun in 1916. Sonia married Morris Rudin in about 1918, and Rose never married. Their brother Samuel arrived in 1910 and Solomon in 1912; both also eventually married.

Tema and Rose must have returned to Russia, because they sailed to the U.S. again in 1922 with Tema's daughter Minnie and a Chaia Seligman, a relative, but probably not a daughter, of whom nothing else is known.