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Seligmans in the Holocaust

The members of the Bobruisk-Shchedrin-Parichi Seligman clan recorded at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem surely represent only a fraction of those who died at the hands of the Nazis. Those whose names are known are remembered on this and the following page.

Parichi (left) and Bobruisk (right) Holocaust Memorials.


Anatoli Akselrod
Nechama Akselrod
Ziama Akselrod
Aron Dobin

Liuba Dobin
Samuel Dobin
Zisia Seligman Dobin

Liza Erenburg

Grisha Finker

Lyuba Finker

Syoma Finker

Chane Gelfer

Matlia Gelfer

Moisei Gelfer

Beba Golod

Ita Golod
Tzipa Golod

Wolf Golod

Malka Gorelick
Moresha Gorelick

Ruchel Gorelick

Sara Gorelick

Zalman Gorelick

Chaim Kagan
Chane Seligman Kagan

Fima Kagan

Hillel Kagan

Liza Kagan

Olia Kagan

Semion Kagan

Abraham Kharkhurin

David Kharkhurin
Leah Seligman Kharkhurin

Moshe Kharkhurin

Aron Yosef Kitain

Avrom Kitain

Beynes Kitain

Chaim Kitain

Dvoshe Kitain

Isaac Kitain

Maryasia Kitain

Moishe Kitain
Sonia Kitain

Vladimir Kitain

David Krepkh
Basia Olshansky

Chashe Kitain Pintov

Minia Pintov

Moishe Pintov

Peishe Pintov