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Feibish Seligman's





Stisja (Stella) Zeligman arrived in New York from Libau, Russia aboard the S.S. Czar on October 28, 1912. An 18 year-old "tailoress," daughter of F. Zeligman of Shchedrin, she was bound for Hammond, Indiana to join her sister Rose and brother-in-law Hyman Barton (1885-1966).



ankel Seligman's (1855-?) great-grandson Feibish had four children with his wife Ruchla Girshov (1857-?). What became of his first daughter, Chana Goda, is unclear, but the others crossed the Atlantic in the early 20th century:


Harry (1887-?) was the first to arrive. He joined his uncle Mendel Seligman (1867-1943), Feibish's brother, who had preceded him to New York by a year. Harry's wife, Sarah Gorelick, was also a Shchedrinner.

Rose (1882-1960) came in 1909, joining her husband, Hyman Barton, in Hammond, Indiana. Hyman was from Bobruisk, and worked as a grocer in Hammond for 50 years.

Stella (1894-1973) came in 1912, and went immediately to join her sister in Hammond. She married Samuel Ramnick (1896-1974), originally from Kiev, and had four children with him.

Harry, Rose and Stella were all first cousins of Samuel Sanders Seligman, the progenitor of the Winnipeg Seligmans.