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The Ekaterinoslav Seligmans



Isiah P. Seligman, a concert pianist and music teacher, emigrated to the U.S. from Ekaterinoslav in 1916 and lived and worked in New York. On February 18, 1924, he played a recital at Aeolian Hall. The New York Times declared him "in full control of his technique...earnest and thoughtful."



ome time in the 1860s, three of Berko Seligman’s grandsons – sons of Zalman – decided to head south. The Russian government, eager to develop territories it acquired there in the late 18th century, offered incentives to Jews from the Pale to resettle in agricultural colonies established this area.

By 1887, Simon (1832-?) was stricken from Parichi records and reclassified a "second guild tradesman" in Ekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine). Pinchas' (1842-?) record was transferred in 1892. There's no record of Aaron's (1857-?) departure, but he also went.

Simon married twice; his son Israel (1871-?) was born to Rochla and Mendel (1876 -?) to a second wife, Chaia. Aaron married Sura, who bore Esther in 1875. And Pinchas had at least four children by wife Rochla. Son Israel (1890-?), later Isiah, emigrated to San Francisco via Japan in 1916. A pianist and music teacher, he married after age 40 and lived in New York.