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The Baltimore Zelikmans




In the 1930 Federal Census, Morris Zelikman and his wife and adopted son David were enumerated at 2432 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland, premises valued at $6,000. He was listed as 44 years old, Russian-born, having married at age 24, emigrated to the U.S. in 1913 and naturalized as an American citizen. He was working in a shoe repair shop.

Opposite page: A page of testimony on behalf of Zlate Seligman Plotkin filed at the Yad Vashem archive.


srael (1880-1963), Samuel (ca. 1882 - 191?) and Morris (1885-1959) Zelikman were sons of Reisel and Michel Zelikman (1835-?), a great-grandson of Yankel. Samuel and Israel left Byelorussia for Baltimore in 1906 and 1907 and inexplicably changed their surname to Levinson. Brother Morris followed in 1913. Two brothers became shoemakers, one a tailor.

Reisel and Michel also had other children. Daughter Zlate (1870-1942) stayed in Byelorussia and married Chaim Leib Plotkin (1865-1942). They and most of their children died in the Holocaust. Son Aaron (1873-1933) also stayed in Europe. He and his wife. Chaia Shasha Grinburg (?-1961). had 14 children, half of whom died in World War II. Only daughter Rochel (1895-1985) emigrated to New York and had a family there, and daughter Rose (1922-?) did the same in Israel.

Samuel's wife Bessie (ca. 1883-?) and their two Russian-born children came in 1910 and two more were born in Baltimore before he died. His family moved to California in the 1920s.