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Azriel Zelik Seligman's Descendants  


The "Seven Dwarfs," an affectionate nickname given the sons of Yosef David Seligman (1849-1918), all of whom were diminutive in size. Standing from left are Eli (1884-1989), Solomon (1896-1975), Irving (ca. 1900-?) and Samuel (?-1956). Seated, from left, are Jacob (1886-1949), Morris (ca. 1888-1970) and Charles (1897-?).

Opposite: Selig J. Seligman (1918-1969).


zriel Zelik Seligman (1840-1913) had six children with his first wife, Chana (1834-?) and one more with his second, Leah (?-?). Before the 1917 revolution, Yosef David (1849-1918), the eldest, left Shchedrin for Ekaterinoslav, where he died. When the Bolsheviks came to power, he sent his seven sons to Brooklyn, while his two daughters married and remained in Russia. Among his descendants was Nuremberg trials attorney and Hollywood producer Selig J. Seligman (1918-1969).

Yosef David's brothers Morris (1872-1942) and Harry also  emigrated to New York, where Morris took the name Zalmanoff and his sons adopted the surname Brooks. Azriel Zelik's other sons, Aaron (1871-1939), Yuda Leiser (1881-1942) and Zvi Hirsch (?-bef 1942), died in Russia; most of their families were killed in the Holocaust, though two of Yuda Leiser's sons, Yevgeniy (1916-) and Isaak (1918-) survived. Yosef David's daughters Seine Riva (1861-1926) and Esther Reisel (1865-1939) remained in Russia, while Pesia (?-?) married and went to America.