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Avram Seligman's Sons

(1759 - 1848)




This detail from an 1834 map of Minsk Gubernia shows the towns of Bobruisk and Parichi, both astride the Berezina River. The neighboring town of Shchedrin would be established seven years later, just northeast of Parichi.



ensus records of the petty bourgeois Jews of Parichi testify to the fact that Avram Seligman and his wife had at least five sons. All were born in Parichi between 1759 and 1783. They were Yankel, Moishe, Berko, Feibish and Herschel.


Yankel had four sons before dying at 43: Srol, Morduch, Monus and Feibish. All but one had descendants who left for North America. Others fell victim to the Nazis.

Moishe had two sons, Chaim and Avram Shlomo. Avram Shlomo, in turn, had two daughters and four sons. His son Gedalia's two sons emigrated to the U.S. Moishe lived for half a century.

Berko married Chana Chlavnov (1775-?), who bore him at least one son, Zalman. Berko died at age 75. Three of his grandsons became colonists in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine.

Feibish, who lived only to age 32, was the progenitor of at least five sons: Avram, Morduch, Zelik, Zusman and Itska.

Herschel, the last born, lived only to 29.No records exist of his wife or of any children.